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Sleep Through The Night

Insomnia is a serious problem. Untreated and persistent insomnia is associated with a reduced quality of life, poor work performance, increased accidents, increased risk for medical illnesses and psychological difficulties. You may have insomnia if, for more than a month, you are having difficulty either falling or staying asleep and feel tired during the day to the extent it is upsetting and impairs your functioning.


  • Research demonstrates that 70-80% of people with insomnia benefit significantly from short-term sleep-focused psychological treatments
  • Cognitive behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) is effective and produces long-lasting results that are comparable or exceed sleeping pills.
  • Learn to modify a variety of physical and behavioural factors that maintain sleep difficulties
  • Our 4 session CBT-I protocol can teach you to employ the essential ingredients of CBT-I to improve your sleep quality

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