Albert Chan

Registered Social Worker

Albert Chan is a therapist who specializes in couple and family therapy.  He has been teaching and practicing for over 30 years providing MFT supervision, training and represents AAMFT in Asia organizes MFT programs.  He is a generalist seeing couples and families facing emotional issues.  Some samples of cases include:

  • Individuals with depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, sexual dysfunction, social isolation and dating, confidence and self-esteem issues, career directions, adult ADHD, addiction, domestic violence, rebuilding after separation and any existential and faith issues (Love, Loneliness, Loss and meaning of life).
  • Couples with intimacy and sexual, affair and aftermath, separation, and divorce concerns .
  • Families: parenting issues, emotional and difficult child, separation and divorce, single parenthood, chronic illness, bereavement, acute and chronic illnesses and care takers issues and adult children’s issues.
  • Men in therapy: men with depression, social anxiety, relationship, aggression, sexual issues and childhood trauma, fathering, silence emotion.

Albert started his therapeutic journey after graduating from McGill with his Master’s in counseling Psychology. Then he received certified training in Family Therapy from University of Toronto and OAMFT while working as a family therapist at Family Services at Peel. He completed his credential as a clinical fellow and approved supervisor from American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. As an ardent lifelong learner, he had taken certified and training as followings:

  • John and Julie Gottman, Couple Therapy Method Level III achieved.
  • Dr. Les, Greenberg Emotional Focused Couple Therapy, Extern-Program completed.
  • Dr. Claude Guldner, AAMFT Approved Supervisor program achieved.
  • Dr. John Lamont, Sex Therapy Practicum, Sexual Medicine Clinic, Henderson Hospital
  • Crisis Intervention: NOVA and CISM, (Basic and Advance) and train the trainer
  • Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence Certificates and Trainings Received from Eric Gentry, Wendy Moss, Yvonne Dolan, Terrence Real, Ellen Bass & Laura Davis, James Maddock & Noel Larson, Barbara Pressman, Family Violence Duluth Model, Virginia Goldner: Treatment of Violence and Victimization in Intimate.

Workshop training from the pioneer experts including, Salvador Minuchin, John Weakland & Paul Watzlawich, Cloe Madanes & Jay Haley, Frank Pittman, Michele Weiner-Davis, Carl Whitaker, William Hudson O’Hanlon, Stephen Lankton, Scott Miller, John Banmen and Maria Gomori, Michael White, Sue Johnson, Luigi Boscolo, Michael Yapok, David Snarch, Stephen Gilligan, Donald Meichenbaum, and William Doherty.

With over 30 years of clinical practice and teaching Albert endorses the humanistic and existential approach notions that each individual and family is unique, and therapists need to engage the clients with upmost respect and learn from their expertise in encountering their sufferings. He is a dynamic Therapist and experienced Marriage and Family Therapist and Approved Supervisor providing a wide range of clinical practice and trainings to individuals and organizations including government departments, non-profit organizations, and private corporations. He practices across the fields of social work, psychotherapy, marriage and family therapy, sex therapy and management consultation and training. He offers inspiring insights and stimulating experiential strategies that cultivate participants’ strengths and motivation to develop innovations and practical solutions.   His achievements include served as a chief consulting psychologist for Oriental Speech Therapy with over 50 locations in China and clinical director at Solacetree Counselling App, Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centre, Potential Engine and Blue Crystal.  Clinical Director for Richmond Hill Family Service, He previously taught both undergraduate and graduate psychology programs at various universities in Hong Kong and China and was the Head and Professor of the School of Psychology, Gratia Christian College.  He is one of the co-authors of Existential psychology, East West. Vol. I and II, Colorado Springs, CO: University of Professors Press.

Professional Qualifications and Affiliations

  • 2010- Member (2715-1068), Division 32 Humanistic Psychology, American Psychologist Association
  • 2002- Member (77854) Social Worker Ontario College of Social Workers & Social Services Workers
  • 1995-Marriage and Family Therapist (27616) Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor & Educational Liaison for Asia, American Association for Marriage, and Family Therapy
  • 1997-04 Member of The Canadian Sex Research Forum   
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