Sageview Health offers virtual seminars to help workplaces deal with the massive shift in our work and home lives due to COVID-19. These seminars will provide information on understanding the continuum of mental health and how our mental health can be affected during this unprecedented time in history. We will explore the impact that social-distancing measures and uncertainty have on our overall well being. Common psychological reactions to such stressful events will be discussed and we will look at how to cope with these reactions; looking at preventive self-care and an overview of managing high levels of anxiety and distress. 

In addition to this Psychological First Aid seminar, we also offer more in depth seminars to help deal with the crises including:

  1. Parenting during a time of social distancing:  managing competing demands of working from home and homeschooling. Includes a discussion and Q&A about how to talk to your kids about COVID-19.
  2. Overview of specific techniques to manage stress and anxiety (designed as an adjunct to the Psychological First Aid overview seminar)
  3. Supporting employees, colleagues, and coworkers while we are all working from home. Includes discussions surrounding time management, procrastination and communication. 

We are happy to tailor our seminars to meet your organization’s specific needs. Please visit our website to learn more about our corporate services ( 

For more useful information about coping during COVID-19 visit our blog check back often as our team will be publishing regularly during this time.