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Adult ADHD Assessment

Sageview Health

Providing ADHD assessments for adults

An ADHD assessment may be recommended if you are experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Having difficulty focusing or concentrating.
  • Having difficulty sitting still.
  • Doing things without thinking that you later regret.
  • Having difficulty starting or finishing projects, having difficulty staying organized, and other related challenges. 

As part of the ADHD assessment, you will also be screened for conditions such as anxiety, which can mimic ADHD symptoms.

Adult ADHD Assessment

What is involved in an adult ADHD assessment?

  • A clinical interview with you.
  • Questionnaires completed by you. 
  • With your permission, a short questionnaire to also be filled out by someone who knows you well, such as a family member, sibling, spouse, or romantic partner. Note: this is not a requirement if you are not comfortable with others knowing about the assessment.
  • Standardized psychological testing.
  • A review of relevant records, such as academic grades if possible.
  • A feedback session where the results of the interview and testing are reviewed with you.
  • A written report that is provided to you, which explains the testing results, diagnoses (if relevant), and recommendations.
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