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Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment

Providing a customized assessment to offer insights for adults seeking to make positive changes

A Collaborative Assessment is a brief intervention that uses testing to help adults make positive changes in their lives. These assessments are done collaboratively with clients to help them answer questions they have about themselves. Example questions that might be explored include:

  • “Why is it hard for me to remember what others have told me?” 
  • “Why do I get so angry all the time?” 
  • “Why can’t I maintain positive relationships with others?” 
  • “Why am I not making any progress in therapy?” 
collaborative therapeutic assessment

What to expect:

Each assessment is tailored to the individual and the specific questions being explored. Research shows that Collaborative Assessments help people feel better about themselves and less distressed, as well as more capable of dealing with challenges. 

What’s involved in a Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment?

  • An interview with you. 
  • Standardized psychological testing.
  • A feedback session where the results of the interview and testing are reviewed with you.
  • A personalized letter or written report that is provided to you, which explains the testing results, diagnoses (if relevant), and recommendations.
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