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Autism Spectrum Assessment

Sageview Health

Providing Autism Spectrum Disorder assessments for kids and teens

These comprehensive assessments include testing of your child’s cognitive strengths and challenges. In addition, autism-specific testing is completed with the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, Second Edition (ADOS-2). The testing results are used to identify interventions to help your child succeed both at school and outside of school.

Assessment - Autism Spectrum Assessment – Children and Adolescents

What is involved in an Autism Spectrum Disorder assessment?

  • A clinical interview with you. 
  • Questionnaires completed by you.
  • Standardized psychological testing with your child, including autism-specific testing.
  • A feedback session where the results of the interview and testing are reviewed with you.
  • A written report that is provided to you, which explains the testing results, diagnoses (if relevant), and recommendations.
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