Too much stuff? What to do when clutter starts taking over

  • Do you often have trouble figuring out what you should keep and what you should throw away?
  • Has anyone in your life ever accused you of being a “pack-rat” or a “hoarder?”
  • Do you ever have difficulty finding important items, like paycheques, bills, keys, wallet because they get lost in piles of stuff?
  • Do you have difficulty using parts of your home like your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom because they are too messy or disorganized?
  • Have you ever had problems with landlords or neighbours who think you have too much clutter in your home or on your property?

If any of these things sound familiar, then you may be living with Hoarding Disorder.

The Declutter Class is a 16-week program which helps clients learn the skills that they need to overcome excessive clutter and hoarding. In this class, you will learn about why clutter and hoarding happen in the first place, and what keeps clutter going year after year. 

You will have the opportunity to practice skills specially designed to address the key factors that contribute to clutter problems:

  1. Making decisions and solving problems; 
  2. Dealing with intense emotions;
  3.  Challenging unhelpful thinking patterns; and 
  4. Staying motivated.

You will practice putting these skills together in a way that works for you now and long into the future. 

The Declutter Class is a warm and safe environment where you will face difficult challenges, such as limiting how much stuff comes into your home and parting ways with treasures that are currently taking up too much space. You will be encouraged to work through these techniques at your own pace with the support of 1-2 therapists who understand hoarding and which strategies actually work (and which don’t), and other class members who know exactly what you’re going through.

 Classes are 90 minutes and occur weekly for 16 consecutive weeks. Attendance is expected at every class. 

Class members are also expected to complete 30-60 minutes of homework every day in order to get the most out of the program. 

All class members must first attend a one-on-one intake appointment with the class leader to ensure that the Declutter Class is the right fit for you. 

If you are ready to tackle your clutter problem, please get in touch with us!

We look forward to having you!