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Child & Adolescent Assessment

Student Training: ABOUT THE POSITION

The assessment practicum stream offers in-person assessments to individuals aged 6 and older, including adults. Practicum students can participate in psychoeducational (ADHD, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities) and giftedness assessments. Other assessments may be strictly diagnostic in nature (e.g., anxiety, depression, OCD, BPD, etc), though diagnosis often forms part of psychoeducational assessments. Comprehensive assessments include a variety of assessments tools, including WISC, WAIS, WRAML, WIAT, CPT, NEPSY, DKEFS, PAI, MMPI, R-PAS, etc. Possibility to observe autism testing (requires previous ADOS-2 training to conduct testing).  

As part of this rotation, learners may also provide individual psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults. Typical treatment modalities include CBT (including ERP for OCD), trauma-focused therapies (TF-CBT, CPT, PE), DBT-informed therapy, and motivational interviewing. There are also opportunities to provide parent training/coaching. Therapy can be conducted online or in-person, with in-person being increasingly in demand for child/adolescent therapy. 


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